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Manual Download

HRM heart rate monitor watch manual (pdf) Download
Ana-Digi Watches 5 Daily Alarms function (pdf) Download
Digital Watches 5 Daily Alarms function (pdf) Download
KT-Digital Watches function (pdf) Download
NK 60-digital watches function (pdf) Download
Digital Watches 11 functions (pdf) Download
Digital Watches 13 functions (pdf) Download
Digital Watches 9 functions (pdf) Download
Ana-Digi Watches 11 functions (pdf) Download
Analog Watches without EL backlight (pdf) Download
Analog Watches with EL backlight (pdf) Download
Xonix KT-function digital watch manual (pdf) Download

- Not sure which? Search for your watch and download from the product page. -


I lost the manual to the watch. What can I do?

Try the above manual section to download the manual. If you still cannot find it, send us an email with a picture of the watch attached and we will reply to you with the manual attached.

Where can I get my Xonix watch straps replaced?

The best and most economical way is through the shop where you bought the watch. You can purchase new straps from Xonix directly. The cost would be the strap cost + shipping.

My watch is borken and out of warranty. Where can I get a new one of the same model?

Try again where you bought the watch or our distributors.

Watch Care

Remove scratches

Apply toothpaste to the surface of the watch face and rub it with a piece of soft cloth repeatedly should remove minor scratches.

Do NOT throw away the package

The package is designed to withstand rough shipping. It's perfect for storage when you're not using the watch.

Clean the watch

If the dirt/stain is only on the surface, just use a soft brush to clean it. You can use a neutral detergent too if necessary. Avoid chemical detergent as it may cause chemical reactions and brake the surface. If the stain is already penetrated passed the surface, it might not be possible to clean it.

Care of the watch

When not in use, try to keep the watch away from water to avoid damages to components such as straps. The water resistant function deteriorates with the aging of the water resistant seal. If the seal became brittle, change the seal to restore water-resistant capability. If the watch was submerged into sea water, rinse it clean with fresh water and wipe it dry. Also stay away from magnets since they may affect accuracy.

Remove water vapor

Water vapor appears when there is a sudden change of temperature. Here is how to remove the water vapor:

  • Wrap the watch with a piece of velvet cloth and heat the watch for 30 minutes using a 40W light at a distance of 15 cm (6 in). Do NOT directly heat it with fire!
  • Wear the watch with the watch face on your inner-arm for 2 hours.

If it is more than just water vapor, it is best to take it to a watch shop and have it oiled to prevent watch component rusting.