46-year watch & consumer electronics manufacturer


Crown Stem Cutting Machine

Crown Stem Cutting Machine image
  • ± 0.1 mm tolerance
  • Production rate up to 250 pieces/hr
  • Japan Mitsubishi motors
  • SKF self-lubricating bearing
  • Patented resin cubic zirconia cutting wheel
  • Hardenized crown stem holder
  • Patented radiator
  • Easy maintenance
  • Safe 12V controlling voltage

Affordable semi-automatic stem cutting & crown fitting machine from the 30-year watch maker Xonix is here. Our extensive experience in watch making is behind the design of this machine for watch production line. We used specifically designed components to ensure high reliability. With quality motor, bearing, stem holder, and cutting wheel, the tolerance of the stems are minimized to ± 0.1 mm. As precise as this machine is, it is simple structured for easy maintenance and safe to use with the controlling voltage running at 12V instead of 220V.

Watch Timing Machine

Watching Timing Machine image
  • ± 0.1 ppm tolerance
  • Temperature-compensating crystal resonator
  • Patented inductive sensing circuit
  • Sampling rate at 0.25 sec
  • MCU with patented CPLD (complex Programmable Logic Device)
  • Push button mode switch
  • Frequency testing
  • Monthly tolerance testing
  • PPM value detection
  • Test speed of 1 unit/sec

Control the accuracy of your production watches with the Xonix watch timing machine. With error margin of less than ± 0.1 ppm and testing speed of 1 unit/second, this machine is ideal for production line. Three different tests, namely frequency, monthly tolerance, and PPM value, can be performed with just a push of a mode switch button.